The Rotary Club of Cayman Brac were the founders of the Braccanal Festivities.

It was created as a fundraiser for the Club, and was just for the schools of Cayman Brac. There were no adult bands in the parade and definitely no alcohol. All of the schools participated and the streets were filled with hand made costumes with each school having their own theme for the parade.

The parade started in Spot Bay and finished at the Port, where the night festivities for adults continued. It was a fun filled night with music, dancing, great food and even better company.

After a couple years of the Rotary Club organizing Braccanal it was then taken over by another Organizer.

The night events were for adults only and were held at local bar venues, which started the "Fete" parties in Cayman Brac such as Wet Fete, Foam Fete and many others. Dj's were brought in from Grand Cayman and Miami to play for these events and also for the music on the main float for Braccanal Parade.

The parade had become a parade for children and adults. There were fewer costumes on the road but that didn't stop everyone from enjoying the parade and chipping down the road to some great Soca music. Alcohol was introduced in the parade for the adults and it was no longer a Children's based parade. The parade started from Spot Bay Primary and finished at Watering Place Park.

Braccanal History



In 2012, because Braccanal was cancelled Craze, the first local Mas Band on Cayman Brac which was founded by Sophia Johnston and Nickeah Esteban hosted the Braccanal Festivities.

With help from Ventisha Conolly, Sheldon Scott, Jerrad Lewis, Cameron Brown, Jared Scott and Donna Myrie who co-hosted the parade, it still turned out to be a great parade. Most of the Costumes were hand made by Sophia Johnston and the whole pink and black section was donated from P.O.S.H, a local fashion boutique in Cayman Brac.


This started the whole Mas Band aspect of Braccanal as there was never a mas band in the parade before.


The parade was filled with vibrant colors and revelers of all ages participated and had a wonderful time.

LIME, who has always been a great sponsor for Braccanal provided beads and other give-a-ways.
The parade started at Spot Bay Turn and finished at Panama Canal.

Since 2013, Craze Mas Band has been administered and operated solely by Sophia Johnston.

In May 2012, the braccanal committee was formed and has grown from 3 members to 19 members!


One of the main goals of the committee was to ensure that the parade was to become more organized and children and adults were not jumping in the same section due to the adults having alcohol. Alcohol was not going to be seen in the parade and so each adult who purchased a t-shirt to participate in the parade was given a water bottle which concealed the alcohol.


We as a committee encourage any school who wants to participate in a festive parade to contact The Pirates & Heritage Weekend Committee about their family orientated parade which is usually hosted in the month of November.


However, we encourage any Adult Mas Bands who want to participate in the Braccanal Parade. (For more information, please email us on our "Contact" Page.


The Friday Night the Committee co-host a jump Off Party with one of our Local Bars for the Adults.

The Saturday Parade starts at Spot Bay Turn and finishes at  La Esperanza Hotel and Bar for the night activities for the Adults.


Local Food is on sale.

After the Braccanal Festivities the Braccanal Committee always uses it remaining funds to donate to Local Charities, the School's and Kirkconnell's Rest Home in Cayman Brac.



MAY 12th - 16th, 2022