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Braccanal Parade T-Shirt Package

Braccanal Parade T-Shirt Package


"The Braccanal Committee is the only exclusive t-shirt band in the Braccanal Parade.


Packages are $75.00 CI and are all inclusive. With this package you get unlimited premium liquor for the Parade and packages also come with a Braccanal Levels 2023 t-shirt, good bag, water bottle, goodies and music by the top Soca DJ's in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac.


Please note that you have to be 18 and older to participate. Once you have selected your designated t-shirt size, there will be no switching as the t-shirts are ordered specifically to your size and color request. 

  • Disclaimer

    “ I hereby waive and release Braccanal Committee, and all who are being represented, from liability for personal injury arising in the Braccanal Parade or any event, I also hereby confirm that I am 18 years or older”

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